Rembrandt: Through The Eyes Of The Master (box with 5 socks)

Rembrandt: Through The Eyes Of The Master (box with 5 socks)

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With Rembrandt ON Socks and literally walk in Rembrandt’s footsteps. Study and marvel at these masterpieces on socks, and draw additional strength and inspiration from the old master by exchanging colours and expressions left and right.

ON Socks has been searching for Rembrandt’s soul, proceeding from the expressions on these self-portraits. Each expression is unique. At the same time, each expression is Rembrandt’s expression. The same is true for Rembrandt ON Socks. Each sock is different, and yet the set of five socks forms a whole.

Rembrandt… master of light and shadow. The man holding the accurate brush. A self-conceited brush. A merchant, innovator, teacher, rebel, genius. He was all of that. A great mind already in his age and that’s a fact. A productive and rich man who picked his own road. An incredible amount has been written about Rembrandt and yet we know so little about what was going on inside his head.

What we do know is that Rembrandt has made tens of self-portraits. Some say he was incredibly vain. Others claim he painted those self-portraits to practise how to represent complex facial expressions and traits. 

We know this much: thank to these selfies from the Golden Age, we know exactly what Rembrandt looked like under different circumstances: looking foolish, audacious, astonished or perhaps in shock, tough-looking, or drunk even. To study faces like that and be able to capture them, you have to be a versatile genius.